how to prevent stress at work

There are several ways that an enterprise can prevent stress at work. Some of the organizational measures include: Making sure that the workers have the reserves and abilities to handle the workload. ... More

google knowledge graph how to use

Google is open about the fact that the Knowledge Graph relies on microformatting to draw in information, so if you want to make sure the Knowledge Graph has the most accurate and most complete information about your company and everything you offer, use every markup you can. ... More

how to create a turn based strategy game

Introduction: Create Your Own RTS Board Game A large black and white board, 3 foot by 2 foot, can be printed at Fedex-Kinkos for 75 cents a square foot. Army men can be used for playing pieces. ... More

how to talk with parents about their child

Story From Build Up Michigan: How to talk to parents when worried about their child. For a child's long-term benefit, if you suspect a problem with a child, experts advise you share the concern ... More

how to tell if cat pee on bed

So read on, dear friend, if you have a cat that pees in the house, outside the litterbox, on your bed, on your clothes, or anywhere. Actually no, MY cat likes to pee into the back of the t.v. So your cat pees outside of the litterbox – is it marking? ... More

how to tell how old a baby chipmunk is

Luckily, Zoey hadn’t noticed the critter, so I took a closer look and realized it was a baby chipmunk, my “ewww” turning into “awww”. It had all the markings of a chipmunk, the brown fur, white stripe, black nose… but in such miniature proportions that I couldn’t believe it was out of its burrow. ... More

how to take a screenshot from youtube

Generally speaking, with the exception of fair-use, you cannot use the screenshot commercially or otherwise. You have no responsibility to pay the creator of the video, you have a responsibility to obtain permission from the creator to use it (whi... ... More

how to use a tampon on youtube

19/10/2018 · Learn about tampons and alternatives. You don’t have to use a tampon while on your period. In fact, many people prefer to use pads or menstrual cups. ... More

how to set terminal servicer time out

sshd (the server) closes the connection if it doesn't hear anything from the client for a while. You can tell your client to send a sign-of-life signal to the server once in a while. You can tell your client to send a sign-of-life signal to the server once in a while. ... More

how to wear a t shirt dress to work

14/05/2018 Wearing your oversized T-shirt as a dress doesnt take any effort at all if its long enough. Try on the T-shirt first and make sure that its long enough for you to feel properly covered and comfortable with wearing it out in public. Keep it simple with a pair of sneakers, or dress it up with a pair of high heel ankle boots. ... More

how to use bank wire transfer

Why should I use a bank account instead of a credit card? As you can see you can save 50% and more when using a wire transfer. Also, buying limits are much higher when using a bank transfer to fund your account than when using a credit or debit card. On the downside, bank transfers are usually less convenient to execute and take a longer amount of time to process since the transfer needs ... More

how to write symbol of section in latex

16/10/2009 · Introduction to Linux - A Hands on Guide This guide was created as an overview of the Linux Operating System, geared toward new users as an exploration tour and getting started guide, with exercises at the end of each chapter. ... More

how to stop puppy from whining in the crate

The pet owner can use the Pugs name as part of the command every time he or she wants the dog to stop whining. With adequate training, the pug will learn to respond to his masters voice, and this should distract him enough to make him stop whining. When he obeys, it is best to reward or treat him and then slowly extend the period between his silence and giving him a reward. Crate ... More

how to get a dog to stop digging holes

Because Every Dog Matters Siberian Huskies are known for digging holes. Part of this is because they have a lot of energy, and if they arent running it off, they are going to do something with it. ... More

how to correctly use a tampon

Do not remove the tampon with too much force; you can dab at the tampon padding with water (if it’s available) in order to loosen it up and pull it out with more ease…. But as said, it’s inserted correctly if you don’t feel the tampon padding inside of you, and if the string is … ... More

how to hold an elbow stand longer

If you're interested in learning a little bit of Japanese Jujutsu, check out the next video tutorial. In it you'll learn how to perform a standing elbow break and take down move. This is perfect for anyone who is touched by a possible assailant in the shirt. It's a quick and easy move that can put the attacker in a position they don't want to be. ... More

digestive system how to work define

The Digestive Process (1) - The four basic stages of Ingestion, Digestion, Absorption-Assimilation, and Elimination. Part of a series of pages about the Digestive System, including the organs of the digestive system, and the processes by which foodstuufs are broken-down and processed by the human body. This introductory level educational ... More

how to correctly train a puppy

how to how to properly train a dog 🔥 *** This property is located 28 minutes from the Main Elk Springs Resort Property in Sevierville on the edge of Pigeon how to properly train a dog … ... More

how to search people on 9gag

9Gag does things just a little bit differently than other social media platforms. Known for its user-generated content, this popular website is a hub for funny pictures, gifs, and videos that span anime, sports, movies, and so much more. ... More

how to show data objects in bpmn signavio

Definition of required element names of Data Objects. A Data Object must always have a name, to clarify what kind of documents are required during the process. ... More

how to teach in another country

Teaching a new class in a new school in a new country is challenging enough without the added dimension of never having been in the drivers seat. Most ESL schools have learned to disregard purely online certificates as not worth the paper they are printed on. ... More

how to write a meaningful cover letter

Writing a letter of love and expressing the feelings is the real art. Discover how to transform your heartfelt words into a passionate message. Discover how to transform your heartfelt words into a passionate message. ... More

how to use a hand caster

10/09/2017 · Castor oil can be left overnight for maximum benefits, or you could apply the oil about 20 minutes before a hair wash. It works either way, and it works wonders! It works either way, and it works ... More

lelo ida how to use

23/09/2013 The sensational new remote-controlled couples' vibrator from award-winning designers LELO, combines exhilarating G-spot stimulation, and powerful external vibration to ... More

how to stop coughing quickly

How to stop coughing If there is a blockage occurs in the throat or upper air passage or any kind of irritant occurs the human brain gives the signal to remove the blockage, then coughing … ... More

how to start using endnote

Start EndNote and then start Word. Additional troubleshooting information : When you first launch Microsoft Word 2016 after installing the EndNote X7.5 or the EndNote online CWYW tools , you will see a dialog asking to Grant Access. ... More

how to win a gas war

If players win the Index, the credits wagered will be returned to them, along with a ‍ 20,000 profit. The goal of the Index is to earn Index score for the team through the collection of Index Points , which are dropped by participants killed in battle. ... More

how to use rad video tools

Bink and Smacker RAD video Tools. Posted on March 30, 2006, 2:33 pm, by Madhur Kapoor. Came across this Player while searching for a player to play “.bik ” files . It is quite a good player and converter though i havent tried the converter but i tried playing .bik files and they played ok . This is a good tool for the gamers who like to keep Videos of some of there fav games which are ... More

how to train a bulldog

Temperament The American Bulldog is known for its muscular build and great strength. They are a very confident breed and tend towards great tenacity and determination. They are, however, a breed that can also be predisposed towards aggression and destructive behavior if they are not given the proper attention and training that they need. ... More

how to say thank you mom in spanish

Need to translate "thank-you-ma'am" to Russian? Here are 2 ways to say it. ... More

how to start an electro song

In those cases, you will need to time when you start the song so that the songs parts line up, or you can use loops to extend the intro and give you a longer mix. As an example, well look at ... More

how to turn off google tracking

How to Turn Off Google Location Tracking? Settings - Google - Google Account - Data & personalization - Web & App activity and toggle it off -Pause. ... More

bosch convection oven how to use

>Years ago, I had a microwave/convection oven and I loved cooking with it. Mine had a turntable and a rack. I'm not familiar with this particular model so I don't know what the difference is between Conv1 and Conv2. Perhaps it allows you to cook two separate items at once using two different timers. Good luck! ... More

how to use almonds for weight gain

As you will notice from the table above, almonds are very high in calories & fat and may therefore discourage people who are trying to lose weight from eating them. You may be aware that when trying to lose weight you need to be in a calorie deficit. This means that you need to consume fewer calories on a daily basis than you are expending. When you do this, your body will use its fat stores ... More

how to use chanel hair mist

chanel - the hair mist When this arrived in the in-tray, I thought (putting aside the reverence usually reserved for luxury brands in general, and Chanel in particular), 'Really, why would you?' Ok, hair fragrance seems to be a big trend this winter, but still, would you buy a separate product just to scent your hair? ... More

how to stop chrome saving emails

Chrome could easily auto-save it again... – cybermonkey Aug 31 '14 at 22:54 4 @zyboxenterprises It gives you a prompt when it does, just click Never for this site or whatever the wording is. ... More

how to write a draft bill australia

This section is the main area of the bill and is where the author(s) outline every guideline and procedure that will go into effect if the bill is passed. Because this is the section where you are creating, changing, or removing a law, it should be the most thought-out and thorough section of your bill. ... More

how to sell thigs on street melbourne

To sell your Melbourne home remotely, it needs to be in tip-top shape. Getting it there, however, can be particularly challenging when you arent nearby. Getting it there, however, can be particularly challenging when you arent nearby. ... More

how to tell the sex of a baby rabbit

Information on introducing two rabbits, the bonding process, which rabbit pairings are best... Rabbit pairings. Rabbits can live happily in male/female, female/female, … ... More

how to stop videos automatically playing chrome

Whats more, its a major hassle having to wade through every sites settings pages to just to disable auto-playing videos, especially on sites that you dont visit all that often. Luckily, theres a fantastic browser extension for Google Chrome that blocks every auto-playing ... More

how to use nose lifter

25/09/2018 · After removing makeup and dirt from the face, the face is sterilised with Iodine and Chlorhexine. Next, localanaesthesia is placed at the tip of the nose, nose bridge and along the nasal septum to the philtrum. ... More

how to write a testimonial for a yoga teacher

I would like to give you a testimonial about Aura Yoga Center and your teacher training program. This is the best independent study course I have ever taken and I have taken quite a few over the years. The support available is the best I have ever had. Thank you for providing such a high quality product. I will be recommending your products to others. ... More

how to see all images on a website

Add images and YouTube videos, you can see their cursor as they make changes or highlight text. Never miss out on the latest updates and handy tips for getting the most out of Google Docs. ... More

how to wear a shawl men

Via. What Do Girls Think of a Guy Wearing a Scarf? This is often a concern for younger boys who want to wear a scarf for the first time. Well, according to our research and surveys, majority of the girls like boys who wear scarves and feel that it shows their sophisticated sense of style and fashion. ... More

how to turn off siri mac os high sierra

16/08/2017 By now we have all started to get to grips with macOS Sierra and all of it's cool new features, especially Siri. There is a way to firstly invoke Siri handsfree just like on the iPhone. This though is not a feature present in Sierra and involves a workaround. ... More

how to stop a dog from chewing

We all expect our puppies to chew we find out it something to do with teething and we accept it. However, concern can set in if your dog keeps chewing into adult life. ... More

how to write a third draft

With every story I write, I keep that third rail front and centre in my thoughts, but youve given me the vocabulary to describe it. The suggestion to focus on the why as opposed to the what is going to help me over a hurdle in my current WIP, so thanks for that! ... More

how to write upside down text in whatsapp

You can also browse the topics below to find what you are looking for. General Chats. Formatting your messages. WhatsApp allows you to format selected text inside your messages. I ... More

how to use turbo convection oven

The Turbo Convection Oven from Tiffany allows you to cook faster than conventional cooking while at the same time being completely fat free. 17 Litre capacity ... More

how to sell abandoned car in tasmania

Get the Title to Abandoned Car on Your Property If you have an abandoned car on your property you can charge the registered owner a daily storage fee. This applies to vehicles left for 30+ days on residential or commercial property. ... More

how to walk in for a job

Alzheimer's Association employees have access to job postings that may not be available to external candidates. Click on the link below and you will be taken to the Association's ADP site. ... More

how to use micro sd card reader

MicroSD cards are memory cards that are used as an external data storage medium (e.g. for images). You can plug microSD cards into the microSD card reader in your Notebook. ... More

how to register a travel company in india

When you apply to remove your company from the Companies Register, our guide can help you complete the process. Removing a company from the register How to remove a company from the Overseas Register Apply to remove a company ... More

how to turn samsung galaxy s3 to silent

26/03/2013 · OK, this is driving me NUTS! I recently bought a Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini and I swear, it's doing my head in so much, I'm close to throwing it in the trash. ... More

how to solve math algebra

This prealgebra lesson explains how to solve an equation when you need to add or subtract something from both sides AND multiply and/or divide by something. ... More

how to use gnuplot on mac

I recommand you to read all the thread about "GNUPLOT on Mac" on the list. I explained how to install gnuplot. Jean-Claude DE SOZA ----- next part ----- An HTML attachment was scrubbed... URL: < I explained how to install gnuplot. ... More

how to start own blog for free

There are many blogging platforms which offer users the ability to create free blogs. If you are looking for a simple free blog, my suggestion would be to start blogging with or ... More

garmin hrm run how to use

The HRM-Run heart rate monitor provides the most advanced running metrics to high-end Garmin Forerunner ® running watches. The strap is seamlessly comfortable and easily adjustable while the module is small, lightweight and fits entirely within the width strap. ... More

how to hack moden to stop cable hfc speed cap

13/12/2012 Jordan, this article is about a hack in the traditional sense of the word, a technical solution for owners of the modem to unlock additional functionality (using administrative, or root ... More

how to take a double integral

13/08/2008 That's the intuition behind the definite integral. And the way we write that-- it's the definite integral. We're going to take the sums of these rectangles, from x is equal to a, to x is equal to b. And the sum, or the areas ... More

how to use flight stick as e brake

The CH Products Flight Stick Pro USB is made of quality construction, tough material and is compatible with Windows versions 98, and ME, 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7 on the PC as well as Mac OS 8.6 with Input Sprockets 1.7 X for Mac. ... More

how to write r in style

A style guide is the bedrock of marketing communications for any brand that does marketing. It lays out a set of rules and writing standards that ensure your audience recognizes your brand in ... More

how to stop procrastinating swear

It is a comprehensive book on how to stop procrastinating. It is well detailed guide that motivates us the most. Lots of people wanted to get rid with procrastination and sometimes they feel that they can't get the answer they are looking for. ... More

how to train your dragon actors

1/07/2018 · How to Train Your Dragon Cast: + How to Train Your Dragon 1 2010 + How to Train Your Dragon 2 2014 + How to Train Your Dragon 3 - The Hidden World (2019) TM ... More

how to send unwanted email to junkmail in mozilla thinderbird

Step 1. Click Email under Create a new account on the main page of Thunderbird. Alternatively, click on the menu at the top right of the screen (three parallel horizontal lines), … ... More

how to get a blacklisted phone to work

Some things that can get you blacklisted are out of your control, but a lot aren’t. Here are three ways to get blacklisted by an employer: 1. Be unprofessional . This is a big one; there are many ways to be unprofessional, from your online presence to your in-person presence. If you use inappropriate language on your public social media feeds or show up for an interview in sweatpants or ... More

how to use sleeve with cranesw

SIZE GUIDE Please use the following chart to determine your size. This chart is based on general standards. Fairyseason clothes are designed to fit the following body measurements: ... More

clarins bi serum anti soif how to use

Refreshing bi-phase serum for thirsty skin that feels tight, lacks radiance and is prematurely lined. Shields skin from the dehydrating effects of daily thermic shocks that can leave it looking dry and weathered: sudden temperature changes, indoor and outdoor pollutants and environmental stress. ... More

how to study for an iq test

An IQ test seeks to measure an Intelligence Quotient (IQ) or a person's mental age. It is intended to provide an assessment of human intelligence. It is intended to ... More

how to wear plaid leggings

One can wear skirts with thin layered leggings and make it look really good. One of the ways to style them is to wear them in the same colour tone, especially in the greys , blacks and even brown. If you are to mix and match you have to be very careful as you would … ... More

windows 7 how to tell if windows firewall is off

To turn on the firewall, click on the link on the left that says “Turn Windows Firewall on or off” You can click the radio buttons for each network to turn the Widows Firewall on. Also, the default is to notify you each time Windows Firewall blocks a new program. ... More

how to take a screen print on huawei mate 9

The Mate 20 Pro, Galaxy Note 9 and iPhone Xs Max offer comparable screen sizes of about 6.5 inches and weigh within a few grams of each other. But of the three, only the Note 9 avoids using a ... More

how to use estee lauder advanced night repair serum

The consistency of Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Synchronized Complex II is like a gel cream. It glides on easily, gets readily absorbed and feels hydrating. It is very light, leaves no stains, and there is no sticky feeling and one can easily wear make-up on top of it. ... More

asus 480 strix how to turn on fans

In our look at the GTX 980 last week, we were left thoroughly impressed, but little did we realize at the time, the GTX 970 - and ASUS' Strix edition in particular - was about to impress us even more. Simply put, you need to check this card out. ... More

how to open an armor set osrs

Melee in Bandos armor. Bring a Super set, prayer restoring potions if not flicking Piety (+Holy Wrench), Monkfish, 2500 cannonballs and an sgs. Dark Beasts - Close to the center in the northwestern room of the Dark Beast Cave area. Melee in Proselyte. Bring prayer restoring potions for Protect from Melee, 2 Super Attacks and Super Strengths, 2500 cannonballs, Holy Wrench and an sgs. Greater ... More

how to use mobile data during call in android

Find Out Which Apps Are Using Excessive Cellular Data. Your first task is to take a look at the amount of data used by apps on your phone. For this you will be accessing the Data Usage section on your Android Phone, which provides a good overview of the amount of Cellular and WiFi data … ... More

how to set game priority to high

23/12/2012 · What you say is true, but for gamers that want their single threaded game (most games unfortunately) to run as fast as possible, the "high" priority type seems to work wonders. ... More

how to see private instagram profiles reddit

Ready to unlock private Instagram profiles? Click the button if you understood what you need to do in order to unlock the wanted profile and we will take you to the official page where you will able to finish the process and get what you were looking for. ... More

how to talk to ceo during interview

We went through the Quora post "What are some awesome questions to ask a CEO of a startup during an interview?" to find out the best questions. Make sure you bring them during your next job interview. ... More

how to make a taurus man want you back

Pay attention to your appearance. Keep up with styles and make sure you always look clean and well-kept. Taurus men like everything to appear well put together, so make sure to leave no detail untouched. ... More

how to use a leather hair glove

Use a sharp hobby knife to make a small slit, about 1/8" long, through the marked spot on the glove fingertip. Holding the knife with the blade "upside down," as shown, makes this a lot easier. Insert the snap button-post through the slit into the fingertip. ... More

how to show proof of income without pay stubs

26/04/2018 · Whether you're a contractor or an employee, seeking to generate a proof of income, you've came to the experts. Create, customize, download and print your stub in less than 2 minutes! ... More

how to make your wife want you

Is it possible to make your ex want you? Well, no! Of course not. Not legally. And not in any way that resembles romance. But before you click away in disgust, lets back up a bit. Theres something I want to tell you. And I can give you the next best thing to making someone want you.. Going Mad Thinking About Your Ex . Right now you probably could do with a break from all the crazy ... More

how to use eye contact for attraction

The science behind eye contact and attraction July 9, 2018 - 10 minutes read. Eye contact is one of the most essential elements of communication, and it plays a vital role in setting up and maintaining attraction. ... More

psychology how to write a discussion

Summarizing a Research Article Research articles use a standard format to clearly communicate information about an experiment. A research article usually has seven major sections: Title, Abstract, Introduction, Method, Results, Discussion, and References. Sometimes there are minor variations, such as a combined Results and Discussion section, or an overall General Discussion section in which ... More

how to see who liked a youtube video

Gamers come to YouTube looking for advice and inside information on how to gain an advantage over their opponents, while other gamers just enjoy watching others play to see what their style is like. Today there are thousands of YouTube content creators rising to the occasion to meet this demand by creating gaming-based videos that their fans love watching and sharing with their network of friends. ... More

how to take a screenshot with iphone 5s

If you want to take screenshot on Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro 2016. You need to follow these simple steps. Go to screen which one you... You need to follow these simple steps. Go to screen which one you... ... More

how to use philips portable speaker

Dick Smith Portable Bluetooth Speaker C1641 It paired straight away with my iPhone 5, was so easy to work out how to use and doubles as a hands free set so I can answer calls on it as well. I can't believe for the price how user friendly it is and how well it works. Sound quality is about a 7 out of ten and the volume exceeds what I wanted it for, so I am very happy so far. I have only had ... More

samsung s4 how to take a screenshot

In this article we will tell you how to take screenshot on Galaxy S4 T-Mobile. Here’s the complete procedure. Taking a screen shot on the Samsung Galaxy S4 tmobile is a very easy task as it does not require any hardcore work or method even it does not require any app for that. ... More

dr pimple popper tool how to use

For the ultimate clean out, Dr. Lee recommends using the tweezers in addition to the comedone extractor tool also available on her website. To start: use the extractor to push from above to push the blackhead ... More

how to wear black leather trainers womens

Also selling separately similar vans in black leather and other ladies shoes. More than happy to combine postage with my other items, postage is in eBay/AusPost trackable satchels only. More than happy to combine postage with my other items, postage is in eBay/AusPost trackable satchels only. ... More

how to start a career in business analytics

That means to qualify for specialist jobs or management positions you will need a masters degree. You can explore a few of your options in our lists of Masters in Business / Marketing Analytics Programs and MBA Programs with a concentration in market research/analytics. 2. Tune your technical and business skills towards analytic thinking. Technical Skills for Marketing Analysts ... More

how to make someone do what you want spell

In my book how to make someone fall in love with you I said that making a person love you is a process that involves two steps, The first one is to identify that person’s needs and wants and the second is to make him believe that you are the person who can satisfy these needs and wants. ... More

how to write a wedding speech mother of the bride

If you have been, you have been privileged, as no one knows the Bride better than her Mother and for the Mother of the Bride to write and deliver a wedding speech that has all the ingredients of a great speech is indeed great. She has taken on the mantle herself and she should be very proud. ... More

how to use _ in a discord channel name

To get a DM channel ID, you'll need to open Discord in your browser at Make sure the same account is logged in here as in your desktop account! To ... More

how to claim 5 points for work experience accountant

My total work experience so far is 5.5 years but at the time of ACS It was 5 years. ACS deducted my 4 years Experience. I got 65+score in PTE in all module. As of now I am securing 55 points for State 190 visa subclass. Please let me know should I lodge EOI with full 5.5 years Experience or I should fill outcome of experience which is assessed by ACS . I am little bit confused in that. Please ... More

how to save an ebay search

Save extra this week using Ebay deals and discounts with free shipping. You can contact through seller - go to My eBay and find the item & seller to contact the merchant. You can contact their Resolution centre in case your issue hasn't been resolved within 3 business days. eBay Gift cards . eBay gifts cards are a perfect way to gift someone on a special occasion like Valentine's Day ... More

how to write the formula for potassium dichromate

13/04/2018 · How to Write Formula from Compound Name? First part of the name is always a cation . Symbol of anion is written after cation. Identify the symbol of the cation (first part of the name) and the anion. Identify the valence or charge of each symbol and place it in parenthesis jut above the symbol. Balance the total positive and negative charge on the cation and anion. Write the formula placing ... More

how to set up gmail account on macbook pro

8/06/2012 · But, if you're trying to set up an email account on your iPad, you need to log in via web and tick the box to migrate. Otherwise, UK users need to set up an account on their iPad. ... More

how to use sidex to process x-ray

A little known Photoshop technique is the x ray process. X ray in Photoshop is a fun way to expose hidden details within a photo. It doesn’t work on any image, but in the right photo, you can use the x ray procedure to pull out layers of detail that can make your photos pop. ... More

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xbox one how to see who added you

For Xbox One on the Xbox One, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Can you see who someone is in a party with on the new dash?".

how to start bmw with key

No, unfortunately that is not possible. This is done to ensure that someone cannot steal your car then just use another key to operate it. Yes, the wallet key along with a "key holder" will get the car started. The wallet key is a plastic spare key intended to fit in your wallet. It must be inserted

how to start training a horse for barrel racing

I have been barrel racing for quite a while now and finally am starting my own horse. With your tips he is coming along BEAUTIFULLY! With your tips he is coming along BEAUTIFULLY! - Robin F.

eve online how to start

EVE Online Sins of a Solar Spymaster #15: A History of the Second Great War, Part One

For players that want a chance to truly affect a game's environment, history, or future, EVE Online stands

how to stop scanning and repairing drive windows 10

Need help! Scanning and Repairing Drive D. Skipper777 May 12, 2015, 6:10 PM. Hey guys, so I've had my PC for a few months and it's worked fine until now. Last I recall, I was downloading a

how to use binary clock

Built an Arduino Binary Clock (Photos, Schematic, and Sketch in Post) (self.arduino) submitted 3 years ago * by ExSim I'd wanted to build a binary clock for some time now, and finally got around to starting it a couple of months ago.

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Nunavut: Coats Island NU, Gjoa Haven NU, NU Canada, X0A 1H9

England: Bebington ENG, Smethwick ENG, Bamber Bridge ENG, Cheltenham ENG, St Helens ENG, ENG United Kingdom W1U 4A5

Northern Ireland: Derry(Londonderry) NIR, Newtownabbey NIR, Belfast NIR, Bangor NIR, Newtownabbey NIR, NIR United Kingdom BT2 9H8

Scotland: Glasgow SCO, Dunfermline SCO, Dundee SCO, Dundee SCO, Paisley SCO, SCO United Kingdom EH10 3B8

Wales: Barry WAL, Cardiff WAL, Swansea WAL, Swansea WAL, Wrexham WAL, WAL United Kingdom CF24 4D5